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Welcome to the Sensible TableView (STV) Framework



STV is 100% native, truly giving you the best of both worlds. Develop your apps visually right in Xcode, while getting access to all the cutting edge native iOS features and performance.


Everything is fully customizable, from your app’s general architecture to the very last screen pixel.


Develop anything from a simple tasks management application to a complex cloud based enterprise ERP solution. Anything that can be developed with iOS can be developed using STV, only ridiculously easier.


Four years in development and hundreds of gorgeous apps live on the App Store.




An iOS Developer’s Dream

The Next Web

It feels like a natural extension to Interface Builder


Very surprised by the number of features and the very high quality applications that are already using STV


How It Works

 STV understands your data

STV is able to access and “understand” your data structure with all its relationships, no matter where your data exists. From this understanding, STV is able to provide you with an initial blueprint of how your app will look like, right in Xcode’s Interface Builder.

STV can natively connect to data coming from regular objects, Core Data, remote Web Services,, iCloud or NSUserDefaults. It’s also flexible enough for you to create your own custom data stores for it to connect to.


Core Data Entity Definition
UI Customization


You understand your data even better!

STV’s real power is its ability to let you fully customize what it has understood your data to be. You are also able to fully customize the UI itself, its layout, colors, images, Auto Layout constraints, and every other aspect you are normally able to customize. You are also free to easily change everything at runtime through code, giving you the ultimate flexibility.


STV finally does its magic

STV finally brings everything together so that your app can see the light. At runtime, STV creates your app’s structure, with all the necessary detail view controllers that correspond to your data relationships, no matter how deep they are. STV is also responsible for fetching your data from wherever it resides and presenting it to the user. Even more, STV takes user input, validates it according to your own rules, then commits it back to your data stores without you having to write a line of code. And since everything is live synched, you’re always free to change your data structure and have it automatically get reflected back in the app’s UI!


STV Generated App

Now you can finally truly focus on your App’s core idea and leave the rest to STV

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Watch a Core Data application being built from scratch in just a few minutes using STV

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